H! It's me ko/cha
I am a Graphic Designer

I have a particular passion in UI/UX and Illustrations.

Who Are Me?



Born and educated in Bangkok, I am a designer with a huge store of knowledge in Design and Art Direction with a great love for creativity. When I was born my first word was "Pencil!"

Now I am employed by a digital company in Sydney. If you have five minutes, you may swipe down a bit to see My Folio. And you also can simply download my Resume here or my CV click here.

Thank God for this good life and keep me surrounding by awesome people, this advantage been blessed with so many good things! MAY GOD BLESS YOU TOO!


2008 - 2010
Rangsit University (Thailand)
Master of Fine Arts | Program in Design
 / Conceptual Design

NetDesign School (Thailand)
Certificate in:
 / Graphic Design Advance
 / Animation and Interactive
 / Movie Special Effect

2003 - 2007
Bangkok University (Thailand)
Bachelor of Science
(Information Technology)
 / Graphic Design


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  • PalatePalate

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